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"...where every space is magical."



All Emerson Spice Hotel rooms are fabulously unique;

The second-floor west-facing room is dedicated to the film version of Dumas’ “La Dame aux Camelias”, starring Greta Garbo and Robert Taylor; two of the most beautiful people ever captured on film.

French doors, high ceilings, spacious but not ostentatiously huge, and the gold satin backdrop capturing the afternoon light evokes the romantic atmosphere and photography of one of the greatest films ever made.

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Exotic and wonderful cultural immersion When our travel agent inquired as to what kind of hotel we wanted to stay in the old Stone Town, we said authentic Zanzibar, and they immediately booked us into Emerson Spice Hotel, a restored mansion from the 1830's that reminds you of all the movies you watched about mystical and magical hotels that inspire great novels. This place is uniquely special, with rooftop dining (the best restaurant in Stone Town) a great central location away from the most touristy areas, with wonderful and attentive service. They arranged on a moment's notice for us to lunch as their sister hotel on the rooftop, and got us a walking tour guide to take us on a personal tour of the city. We loved it!