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All Emerson Spice Hotel rooms are fabulously unique;

The top-floor west-facing Desdemona is elegant, lovely and inviting, but at the same time, chaste and aloof. Presiding over the city as from an abandoned castle’s tower with the view of the cityscape, yet captured and isolated by the very walls and height that protect it.

Black shelves, a small wall shelf, round table and two silver painted chairs are reminiscent of Ottoman styles which were prevalent in the Eastern Mediterranean at the time.

Desdemona’s piety and prayers afford some of the most touching moments of the opera. Emerson collected years ago some pieces from the Anglican cathedral which were being discarded in renovations. A priere bench sits between the two balcony doors, and in the bathroom, a variation of Gothic stained glass windows afford privacy and light.

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What Guests Say

Location is close to all the shopping, restaurants and the beach. The hotel itself seems to be a tourist attraction. We stayed in the room called Desdemona. Very spacious with interesting deco. The old and the new is blended very well. The 5 course dinner was absolutely amazing. You have to try it. Each course comes with 3 varieties for a total of 15 items. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Cars don't go all the way to the hotel. Be prepared to walk for 5 mins. The hotel does send people to help with bags... Overall a very good place to stay.