Every room unique

"...where every space is magical."



Emerson Spice Hotel Rooms all have a fabulously unique story;

Dorothy Lamour, beloved pin-up girl and celebrity from WWII, and Emerson’s favourite “Jane” (forget about Tarzan) is the inspiration of this Hollywood inspired room with original “Road to Zanzibar” film posters.

The windows face Tharia Street, one of the most beautiful and characteristic streets of Stonetown. A couple of minarets, the Anglican Cathedral spire, some dramatic teahouses and multi-ethnic street life define the essence of Zenj, just waiting for the long dolly shot entrance or slow fade of movie cameras.

The two balconies afford views both to the city, and the gardens, the latter with an al fresco bathtub so no one has to fight over the tub in this gorgeous twin room.

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What Guests Say

We spent 3 nights at this hotel in September and it was everything I could have hoped. The uniqueness of the hotel and how it fitted into the local streetscape made it the type of place I really enjoy staying at. Each room has its own amazing theme and as soon as you enter you feel like you are in another world. Centrally located in Stone Town the staff are warm and welcoming. They organised a local guide for a tour of Stone Town and I really recommend this as it gives a wonderful overview of the history and helps you get your bearings (it is easy to get lost in Stone Town).
We organised for the hotel to pick us up from the airport for USD20, and this was so worthwhile as you would never find on your own the first time.
If you love having a sensory overload, then come to Stown Town and stay at Emerson Spice.