Every room unique

"...where every space is magical."



Emerson Spice Hotel Rooms all have a fabulously unique story;

This courtesan’s boudoir in shades of violet and blue, was dedicated to the lead character in Verdi’s “La Traviata”. Although the room is quite spacious, there is a feminine and intimate feeling; quite large, yet cozy and private.

Animated conversations and laughter drift upward from the street, but sounding as if in another room, behind a closed door evokes “Libiamo,” the famous aria from the first act. The furniture is antique, feminine and frilly; and there is lots of satin for such a small room.

The shower/bath is visible from all the room, but partially obscured by an arch, for a little mystery. The large carved mirror faces the bath for a lovely duet.

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What Guests Say

Emerson Spice was truly an island of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of Stonetown. The rooms are gorgeously decorated with vibrant colors and comfortable furnishings. The staff is extremely polite and accommodating. They provided helpful recommendations on what was worth seeing in the area, promptly made the appropriate arrangements, and even let us return to the hotel after checkout to shower, change, and use WiFi. We felt welcome and at home - though better than home.